A Day At The Beach

Jamie was a surprise to me. I know his mum Pan for years, we’ve been good friends and I see her every time I go to Thailand but I had no idea she had a baby until I saw her posts on my Facebook feed recently. 

As always, I didn’t tell her I was coming to Thailand so it was her turn to be surprised when I turned up. I couldn’t wait to see the mystery baby. 🙂

On the day of the session, Jamie had his vaccination earlier that morning. I usually advise parents to do the shoot the day before the babies get their shots. However, we couldn’t move it to another date since Pan’s partner Phil only had a few days in Phuket before he goes back to Cambodia for work. 

I didn’t even know until towards the end of the session. Poor thing. He cried a little but for the most part, he was too distracted by the sand! I think 6 to 7 months babies are my new favourites. They are undeniably adorable and easy to photograph!

After the session, we were a little tired but mum and dad said they had a great time. This is the most important thing to me. Capturing great images is not enough. Part of what I do is to make sure that my clients are having the best experience. It truly makes me happy and it makes my job worthwhile when I see them enjoying their session. 

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