Heirloom Album

GOODNESS this is gorgeous. There is nothing quite like a photo in print. In an album. This is a classic 10 x 10 album.


One of my favourite things about being a photographer is at the very end when I get to share the finished product with my clients. I love seeing the look on their faces when they touch, feel and enjoy looking at the tangible memories in their very own album, looking through it right within their hands. It’s one of the most satisfying feelings. Knowing they get to cherish their images for a lifetime.


As a family portrait photographer, I support my clients through each step of the process. That includes the time for them to print and share their images. I walk through selecting their products, creating their albums, and then receive the finished work to gift them with the joy of taking it home. I don’t just give my clients digital files and expect them to print them on their own. Nor would I give my clients a negative and expect them to go out and print that on their own. Digital age or not, I support them and make sure they receive the highest quality not just in their experience, but in products too. I actually sit with them, talk about what they plan to do with their images and how they want to enjoy them for years to come.


Nothing beats a gorgeous customised album. For all my portrait clients I offer “Heirloom Albums”. It’s the most beautiful way to showcase a large number of photos from their family, pregnancy or newborns sessions. These albums come in a variety of options, like colour, sizes, and covers. This is the care and attention you would receive when ordering an album with me.


Ivy is a professional photographer specialising in newborn, maternity, and family portraits. She's based in Kuwait.