Make Your Dreams Come Alive

Admit it. As soon as our babies are born, we think that they are the most beautiful & cutest little bundle of joy in the entire world. We may not say it out loud or think we’re having delusions of grandeur but trust me it’s perfectly normal. We have the best hopes and aspirations for them. We want them to be happy & successful. If you’re a bit ambitious, you’ve probably envisioned them becoming the next Picasso or you see them marrying a prince someday. Hello Meghan Markle and Queen Rania?


Let’s dream for a moment, shall we? What if they turned out to be a person of influence in politics, arts, or music? You know what happens after that? They share their childhood photos for all the world to see! Although the posed newborn photos in a fancy basket are cute, what people really love to see are the family portraits…the ones that are candid and real, how they grew up, their hobbies like playing the piano, and bending it like Beckham in the football field. Most importantly, will you be in the photos? Mothers especially are the ones who are not in the photos because either you’re the one taking them or you ate too many of those darn cupcakes while you were pregnant and you tell yourself you don’t deserve to be seen in photos. 

Stop. Just stop. You may not owe it to the world but you owe it to your children. Even if they don’t become famous, when they look back at their childhood, they want to see you with them. They will be reminded of the happy times you spent together. You will be thankful you did it. Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful. Don’t be shy. This is the time to bring out your chic, cool, fashionista or quirky side. Just because you’re a mum doesn’t mean you should lose your unique personality. In other words, get down with your bad self.

Let’s talk about dads. They’re important too. They’re the ones usually being pushed aside and they even sometimes pretend photos are not a big deal. The truth is they’re secretly crying in the corner but won’t show it to you because you know, they’re “Iron Man” or fill-in-the-blank your favourite Marvel superhero. You know what? They actually wish you include them more. With a little coaxing and bribing, they’ll do it.

If you’re an expecting mum and you may feel like a waddling penguin, you can celebrate the fact that your body can do amazing things! It’all about wearing the right outfit and if you’re feeling comfortable with it, you’ll look radiant and beautiful.

Newborn sessions are better when done at your home. By choosing your environment it ensures that everyone feels comfortable and relaxed. Although the main focus is the newborn baby, parents should be included too to make sure your family interaction is captured. From your baby’s first days in the world to a glimpse into your family’s daily routine, show the beauty and love in everyday moments, big and small. 

Don’t let the fleeting moments go by that’s why we can’t keep putting it off. Make time for it. Do that family session you’ve been dreaming of. We may not forget them but your children won’t know unless they see the intimate portraits when they’re all grown. 

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