Young & Beautiful

Taking images of teens is something close to my heart that’s why I’ve started including them in my portfolio. Why? Because I’m still a girl at heart. Ha! I remember when I was a teenager, I would use rolls of films and take endless photos of myself wearing  80’s outfits – think mum jeans and shoulder pads! Oh my goodness, those were the days. I thought I was the bee’s knees back then and now I shake my head when I think how crazy my fashion sense was. 

I wish I was as cool as these girls when I was their age but most of all, I wish I had the same opportunity of having my photos taken by a professional photographer. Here are the three girls I’ve chosen from the Model Casting. 

Kayla is kind of shy, very soft-spoken. It took quite a while for her to warmed up but I love that I was able capture her innocence and youth. 

Haniem on the other hand is not camera shy at all. She loved every minute in front of the camera and knows how to work it. I also find her photogenic. 

Klaudine came so well prepared for this shoot. She is a talented make-up artist for her age and also posed like a pro. 

It was great to meet all these young ladies. I enjoyed taking their portraits and I’m thinking of doing another Model Search again. Stay tuned! 

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